Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Keep Calm Craft On: Felted Sweaters

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On...

My friend Jan just recently showed me what she learned in Emily's Alternative Stitch class at Squam. I'm so happy to have learned some new simple sewing techniques to recycle wool and other clothing. It's so  fast and so much fun to work this way!

I felted some thifted cashmere sweaters and made a very warm little vest for Sacha. I felted a women's size small v-neck. I cut the shape that I wanted and did a zigzag edge on the sewing machine. I then added a pocket, some buttons and loops. This must have taken me less than half an hour!

I also made a cardigan for myself. I felted a women's large v-neck (I usually fit a size small). For the pockets, I used some wool fabric from my stash.

Both of these sweaters are extra warm and soft (because they are felted). I will definitely be making some more!

Happy crafting on!


  1. love those sweaters! i have a wool sweater that fits no one here, maybe i could felt it and make a sweater for my daughter.... hmmmm great idea!

  2. Aw lovely idea. The only time I've felted something is by accident lol. The worst was a brand new pair of toddler sized longies that I've just lanolised for the first time. I put them in the washing machine to spin but instead it went onto a hot wash and by the time I'd noticed they were too small to fit a doll. I cried lol

  3. That is so clever. Just need to find me some cashmere sweaters and I'll be giving it a try.

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