Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ancient India - Civilisations anciennes: l'Inde

Here is Lucie's finished work on Ancient India (grade 5):

Voici les travaux de Lucie sur l'Inde (civilisations anciennes grade 5):

her MLB

son cahier





Savitri et Satyavan

Rama et Sita

Anumane (dans Rama et Sita)

her paintings

ses peintures

Dancing Shiva - Danse de Shiva

our bibliography

notre bibliographie

We loved working on this block. Lucie started working with pastels (these ones) in her MLB. 

Nous avons adoré travailler sur ce bloc. Lucie a commencé à utiliser des crayons pastels (ceux-ci) dans son cahier.


  1. Such beautiful homeschool work Lucie has created! I will be sure to look back here for inspiration when we get around to 5th grade again.

    Oh Sarah, I have missed you. Just got caught up on some of the beautifulness you have been sharing. Sweet children, snow, warm cozy shawl.

    I would love to send a nice letter/email sometime...

    Love and well wishes to you and family!
    Renee <3

  2. So beautiful! It looks like you are having fun together!