Saturday, 6 September 2014

Visiting Entry Island - Visite à l'Ile d'Entrée

Yesterday, a friend took us on his boat to visit to Entry Island 

Hier, un ami nous a amenés en bateau visiter l'Ile d'Entrée

wild blueberries and lingonberries/ des bleuets et des airelles sauvages

we climbed Big Hill and the view was spectacular

nous avons monté jusqu'en haut de la Big Hill et la vue était spectaculaire

notice the cows /voyez les vaches...

can you see the cows in this picture?/ est-ce que vous voyez les vaches dans cette photo?

What a memorable day!

Une journée mémorable!

*My very good friend Jan has just started a blog about her life in these beautiful islands, homeschooling and crafting, I invite you to visit her at:

Ma très bonne amie Jan vient de créer un blog qui porte sur sa vie dans ces magnifiques îles, l'école à la maison et ses créations, je vous invite à lui rendre visite à l'adresse suivante:


  1. What a beautiful place, how wonderful to be able to spend the day there.

    1. Yes, it is an amazing and very unique place and we do feel very lucky to be right next to it.

  2. I'm seriously considering moving...what a beautiful place and only a boat ride away from your own incredible island. I love our mountains here in the alps but I do miss the sea (I grew up in west wales). That red rock is stunning, remember being at my cousin's in Nova Scotia and we visited a beach with rock much like that.
    From now on in I'm going to leave my comments in french!! I'm always telling my kids that if they want to get good at something they must practice, so I'm taking a piece of my own advice.
    I apologize in advance for my mistakes - they will be many!
    Popping over to visit your friends blog maintenant.

    1. Oh Emma! I do hope you can visit our Islands some day… They are beautiful. You can actually see a tip of Nova Scotia from the top of Big Hill (have not seen myself but I'm told…)… I hope to visit your mountains again some day with my children… Last I was there was as a student, before children. I look forward to reading your comments in French!

  3. The greens and blues in your photos are so vivid! And I just saw that quote on your blog by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton - love it!

  4. Ahh! Qu'elles sont belles vos Îles!!