Monday, 8 September 2014

Feeding Our Families: August-September

Such a busy kitchen this time of year…

dilly beans and peach jam (both recipes from this book)

wild blueberries, bay leaves and chanterelles

pure gold

wild blueberry and red currant jam

bread and butter pickles (recipe again from here)

tomato salsa (recipe from this book)

zucchini everything! (my favourite zucchini cake recipe found here,  only I use a little less sugar and this one I baked into loaves)

the beginning of squash season (I love pumpkins and squash!), this one from a local organic farm

the beginning of apple season!

visit to a local orchard

How I love this time of year! So much goodness! What are you cooking, baking, preserving these days?


  1. It seems like that is all we are doing too! I have been making soups with the gluts of courgettes which I freeze and eat in the winter. We are off foraging today for blackberries and rosehips. We shall be baking with the blackberries and making jam. The rosehips will be turned into syrup to have on porridge over the winter. I have also got lots of gherkins and cucumbers which need to be pickled. At some point we will go to our local orchard for apples which will be made into fruit leathers, apple butter and frozen for baking over the winter :)

    1. Mmmm! Rosehip syrup over porridge! We have lots of rose hips but they are a lot of work, don't you find? Still, you've inspired me to go pick a bunch...

  2. J'adore voir les postes comme ceci - toute ces bonnes chose mise en bocale pour les longs mois d'hiver a venir.
    Les chantrelle sont belle et bien du 'pure gold'.

  3. So much good food in this post - you're nurturing a healthy family!

  4. I enjoyed this post, and wondered about the bread recipe, you said you used a bit less sugar, approximately how much did you use and did you use the bananas as called for in the recipe, or did you use extra zucchini? Have a lovely week.

    1. Hi Kim, I did use the bananas, the same amount of zucchini as called for and I have tried using 2/3 of the sugar suggested, I think I could even go as far as cutting it in half and the cake would still be good, but maybe that's just my taste…