Friday, 10 May 2013

Lately - Dernièrement

fun at the park

des jeux aux parc

trying out the swings

premier essai sur la balançoire

morning coffee and the Kalevala

café du matin et le Kalevala



playing "water drops", inspired by the story of Perlette (Loane's favourite spring story)

jouer les sons des gouttelettes d'eau après la lecture de Perlette (l'histoire préférée de Loane ce printemps, nous la lisons tous les jours!) 


spring watercolour paintings using yellow and blue to create green

aquarelles du printemps utilisant du bleu et du jaune pour créer du vert





enjoying honey muffins and other old favourites from this book

des muffins au miel et autres recettes préférées provenant de ce livre

a picnic lunch and some outdoor play with friends (with an amazing view of the ocean from their place)

un pique-nique et des jeux extérieurs chez des amis (avec une vue imprenable sur la mer)

crafting in the sun

des moments de création au soleil

our sweet and very playful boy growing so quickly and starting to move around

notre petit garçon adoré qui grandit si vite, qui aime jouer et commence à se déplacer tout seul


  1. Oh, look at his sweetness!!! !!!!! And I get to see what I have coming up so soon...
    So nice to see so many moments from your days Sarah. We have a pentatonic glockenspiel too, and play it very often for little Elsa.
    I am curious about your last minute bread, I have realized lately that I need more bread recipes like that. Do you have the other Waldorf bread baking book too? I have only the other one...
    I have thought of you, sweet family home with little baby. I would like to try to write more soon, I hope all has been well. With love, Renee

    1. Hello Renee,

      it's always so nice to hear from you! I have not been commenting much lately, but I have been enjoying the recent pictures of your beautiful big girls and precious little Elsa.

      Another fast bread recipe that we love is the no-knead bread. It does make me quite happy and it is very satisfying and comforting to manage to bake a loaf of bread even on very busy (and sometimes chaotic) days. We otherwise enjoy baking from the Waldorf Book of Snacks and Baking Bread with Children.

      I hope you are all very well. Love to you and your family, Sarah xxxx

  2. wow the view from your friends house is awesome! so much sweetness and goodness going on here :-)

  3. Beautiful, Sarah! So much beauty from your little island! I hope we will meet one day!

  4. Oh Sarah, I love the yellow and blue (and green!) paintings!