Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Keep Calm Craft On: Knitting and Sewing

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for KCCO...

Some recently finished projects:

my Mara shawl in wonderful (I loved, loved, loved working with this yarn!) Madelintosh Tosh DK (the colorway is Antique Lace)

I am now definitely addicted to knitting shawls! What better way could there be to show off and wrap yourself in beautiful yarn... As soon as I finished my Mara, I immediately started working on a another shawl, this time in Fleece Artist Goldielocks, following this simple method. You simply cast on 3 stitches and knit every row, increasing (knit front and back) of the first stitch (beginning of each row).

fingerless gloves in Noro Vintage

I sewed a bag as a gift for a friend. I love this Anna Maria Horner fabric.

I'm now working on a sweater for Sacha in Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino (Winter Birch).

Happy crafting on!


  1. i love your shawl, it's so beautiful :-) and so are your other projects too x

  2. Oh wow!! Love the bag! Moi aussi j'adore tricoter des shawl! Et j'adore la Noro!

    1. Est-ce que tu tricotes beaucoup sur la route?

  3. That Madeline Tosh DK yarn is amazing. I love that color & love, love, love the pattern! It is like they were meant for each other. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely shawl! I too, am addicted to knitting shawls!

  5. I love everything! And yes, shawls are addicting! My thoughts keep turning to shawls, and I want a big red one for winter.

  6. What wonderful projects! Your shawl is beautiful. I've got the shawl knitting bug - I love the way that start as just a few tiny stitch then bloom into something wonderful.
    We are having a very cold spring, so I'm thinking of making myself some fingerless mitts. That Noro yarn is stunning!

  7. i love your knitting, the mara looks so lovely, i have decided to finally make it too. everything is so pretty, the mitts the bag, love it all.

  8. Beautiful projects- I love the shawl!