Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Some Things - Quelques occupations

Here are some things we have been up to during the past few days...
Voici quelques activités qui nous occupent ces temps-ci...

Enjoying the beach, even as the wind gets colder.
Nous profitons de la plage, malgré le vent de plus en plus froid.

Lots of dancing Indian princesses.
Beaucoup de danses de princesses indiennes.

Making crackers, almond milk, cashew cheese and warm curries.
Nous préparons des biscuits salés, du lait d'amandes, du fromage de noix et des currys chauds.


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your kind note on my blog. I had to drop by and check out your blog home. What a magnificent photo at the top with the rainbow and your three little ones! What a beautiful place to raise your children, looks like you love it too!

    Keep cooking and sharing... I mean, not everyone has a dancing Indian princess to inspire them!! :) Many thanks, and happy eats!

  2. Thank you Dreena! Such an honour to have you visit my blog!

  3. Beautiful! I love living on an island, although it has been cold and blowing hard lately. Your post always make me smile!