Monday, 14 November 2011

Handmade Holiday: Doll Sweater and Winter Tea

This week for my Handmade Holiday I am knitting a Little Kina doll sweater in Quince&Co Lark using size US6 needles (the pattern recommends size 4). I am hoping it will fit a regular size Waldorf doll...

This week I am also ordering my herbs to prepare some jars of our favourite Winter Tea. We loved it last winter and everyone who came to our home and tasted it loved it. I am also convinced it helped keep colds away. This year I will be preparing some extra jars for gifts. They will go perfectly with a tin of homemade Christmas baking.


  1. Hi Sarah! We're almost neighbours (in blogland anyway). I'm an hour north/westish of Ottawa on Hwy 17. I love that little sweater you are knitting. Are Waldorf dolls as hard to fit as Cabbage Patch or Bitty Baby? I can't seem to find doll clothes to fit either one. I look forward to seeing what you and the girls get up to.


  2. Hi Paula! Thank you for your comment! My family is from Ottawa and I love to go back and visit. I am sure this sweater pattern would work on any size doll if you play around with yarn and needle size. So far I'm happy with mine...

  3. I've put little kina in my ravelry queue.
    The winter tea idea is great! I only miss fennel and I can make some. It would be for me though...because I have no one close that likes herbal tea :(