Sunday, 27 April 2014

Play - Jeux

Sacha's play is changing every day, becoming more and more "organized". He is absorbed by what he is doing and so concentrated! He is also imitating. How wonderful it is to watch him!

Les jeux de Sacha changent tous les jours, devenant de plus en plus "organisés". Il est absorbé par ce qu'il fait, très concentré. Il imite aussi. Comme c'est merveilleux de le regarder faire!


  1. oh what a little sweetheart he is! it is so wonderful to watch these little people unfold!

  2. What a dirt pile to play in! I am also enjoying watching my little babe change in how she plays. My husband and I are amazed at the imitation that she does. She watches us do something once, and she has it down pat! Its a little scary sometimes! :)
    Love the Hanna Andersson pajamas!

    1. Yes, it's fascinating and sometimes surprising how well they imitate us, the details they notice…
      I love those stripy pyjamas too, my little guy wears them a lot, so comfy!