Monday, 5 March 2012


Our big girl turned nine this weekend.
Notre grande fille a eu neuf ans le week-end dernier.

Her birthday table...
Sa table d'anniversaire...

Some gifts...
Quelques cadeaux...

My Little House Crafts Book

Little House Paper Dolls

We love you so much and we are so proud of you. Happy Birthday!
Nous t'aimons tant et nous sommes si fiers de toi. Bon anniversaire!


  1. Happy 9th Birthday little lady. Love the doll. so beautiful!

  2. Qu'elle est belle! Et quel bel anniversaire!

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! What nice presents she got, too! I love the birthday candle holder. So versatile for different ages! We'd have had one of those if we could! :o) I used the book Festivals, Family and Food a lot when my two were young. Happy days! :)

    Penny (Scottish Vegan Homemaker)

    1. Hi Penny!

      Nice to hear from you! I also often use the book Festivals, Family and Food for inspiration and ideas. I would love to read a post on your family birthday traditions (past or present).

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! I would have been crazy for that little house doll set when I was her age (And we just started reading the first book to my oldest- so wonderful!)Did you make the doll? She is lovely!