Monday, 19 December 2011

Handmade Holiday: In the Kitchen

This weekend our kitchen was filled with the most heavenly smells of ginger and spice and all things nice! We prepared jars of mincemeat and homemade cocoa mix as well as our traditional Christmas cake (dried fruit, almonds and spices).

We also tried the Honey Carrot Fruitcake from the latest Rhythm of the Home and it is amazing! It makes three loaves so it's great for gifting.

I take this opportunity to thank Tonya for hosting a Handmade Holiday this year. It has been wonderfully inspiring! 


  1. We made the honey carrot fruitcake also, for my parents-in-law christmas box! delicious. Do you put suet in the mince meat or do you have an alternative?

  2. Hi Emma! No suet. The mincemeat is vegetarian. Just fruit, spices and almonds. The recipe is "pear mincemeat" from the Bernardin Book of Home Preserving" listed further down on this page in my amazon widget (books I recommend).