Saturday, 7 March 2015

May my love be for you
In the spirit-realm.
May my soul 
Find your soul.
May my thinking of your being
Ease your cold,
Ease your heat.
In this way, we shall be united:
I with you,
You with me.

Meditation by R. Steiner

I would like to thank all of you who have left comments here and sent messages to us. Your kind, gentle words, thoughts and prayers have truly helped lift us up.

We are slowly coming back to life after a week spent in a very peaceful and healing place in magical Costa Rica...

finding strength in nature

nursing in the jungle!

feeling both warmed and refreshed

our eyes filled with new sights and beauty

can you see the monkey?

watching the monkeys play at a wildlife rescue shelter

well nourished

we even celebrated a twelfth birthday!

so soothing to knit outside while listening to the tropical birds, insects and wind in the trees

I am grateful for this week in Costa Rica, it has helped me to reconnect with myself (after feeling so lost), my family and all life. It has given me some new energy. However, it will be difficult to heal from this loss. I know that this experience is about finding strength, learning to accept, surrender and let go with love.  

May my soul's love strive to you
May my love's meaning stream to you.
May they bear you
May they hold you
In the heights of hope,
In the spheres of love.

Meditation by R. Steiner


  1. What a magical place for a 12th birthday. Love the pictures of Costa Rica. I've never been but now I would like to. So glad you had a good week with your family. Blessing and prayers for all of you.

  2. Dear Sarah, I am so glad you got away to such a healing and peaceful and beautiful place. You and your family have been on my mind so often. I know that with time, you will feel less pain and feel more peace and strength. I hope for a little of each for you everyday. Forever you will carry this dear little child in your heart, and he will be in the hearts of many of us.
    Love and hugs, Mel

    1. Dear Melanie, I am so moved by your comment that I keep reading, over and over again. Thank you! Love and hugs to you, Sarah xox

  3. Oh Sarah... I thought of you a lot since your last post. I am happy to hear that you have found some healing in beautiful Costa Rica... Yes, it does take a lot of time to heal from such a loss... I am sending you love and strenght from afar.

    1. Thank you Catherine! It helps to know that others are thinking of us. Love to you and your family, Sarah xx

  4. Time is a healer but it will never take away your pain and loss. I hope in time it will be easier to live with. Your time in Costa Rica sounds like a important part of this journey.

  5. been thinking of you and your sweet family xxx

    1. Been thinking of you too… I hope you are well… Sarah xx