Monday, 10 November 2014

Loving - J'aime

Right now, I'm loving…

En ce moment, j'aime...

beeswax dipped leaves decorating our house

les feuilles d'automne trempées dans la cire d'abeille qui décorent notre maison

my little helper, cutting apples for applesauce and eating them as we go

mon petit assistant qui coupe des pommes pour la compote et qui n'arrête pas de les manger

Sacha's new (first) haircut, although I miss his baby curls terribly

la nouvelle, première coupe de cheveux de Sacha, cependant, ses belles boucles et ses cheveux de bébé me manquent terriblement

my new apron, sewn by my friend Debby, for my birthday

mon nouveau tablier cousu par mon amie Debby, pour mon anniversaire


  1. That apron...gorgeous! What a beautiful gift. Happy birthday.

  2. Are the beeswax leaves as simple as dipping them in melted beeswax? I can do that! We have plenty left over from when we made candles to sell. I have yet to cut my little babe's hair, but her bangs are starting to hang in her eyes, so I've been thinking about it.

    1. Hello Katie, yes, absolutely! Just be sure the beeswax is not to hot or the leaves will curl. Good luck with your babe's hair trim, if you decide to go forward with it...

  3. I adore the apron! I've always wanted to have one like the ones they have in the Emma Thompson sense and sensibility. Lovely to find your blog today.