Monday, 9 September 2013


Our sweet little boy, you are such a precious gift of life and love. Every day you give us smiles, baby laughs and warm cuddles. I try to hold on to every moment, but it's impossible to stop time. Each day, you grow and become more and more your own self and however much you change, we continue to be enamoured, seeing what a strong, beautiful, clever and gentle little person you are becoming.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY dearest Sacha love!     


  1. Joyeux Anniversaire Sacha.
    What beautiful pictures, and what beautiful Waldorf traditions. The more I see of Waldorf the more I want to learn. Can you recommend any books on the subject? I love your autumn book suggestions, thank heavens for Amazon!! Do you have a good library on your island or do you have to buy all your books. My children do not read very well in english so I'm so happy that you suggest french books too.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Squam. I hope one day that I might be able to go too.

    1. Thank you Emma! You can find some good books on Waldorf traditions in the Amazon window at the bottom of my blog page. My favourite book and good place to start is Simplicity Parenting. We have a very small library with only french books, so I buy most of our books. My children read only in french but I like to read to them in english.

  2. Oh my, can he really be a year old already? He is such a beautiful little sweetheart. Happy birthday sweet Sacha!

  3. Déjà un an ! quel beau petit roi.
    à bientôt sarah

  4. Oh goodness Sarah, how has it happened that your sweet little boy is already one! Happy birthday to you both! And love to you and family!
    Renee XO

  5. Thank you Renee! Love to you and your family as well! xox