Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Keep Calm Craft On: Bag and Hearts

Joining Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On...

In need of a good big bag to fit both diapers and knitting and remembering this one (love it!), I decided to make one (the same!) for myself. The pattern can be found here. The fabric is from Ana Maria Horner, both inside and out. Such an easy sew and a great bag!

There was a lot of crafting going on around here last week (of the heart shaped kind)... Loane and I made some coloured beeswax hearts by warming some modelling beeswax and pressing the warm wax (so nice on the fingers!) into some heart shaped muffin moulds. Once hardened, we popped them out and tied them with some yarn to create a beautiful heart bunting to hang in the window. My pictures are a bit dark, but the light shining through the coloured beeswax is quite pretty.  

some heart drawings by Loane

Inspired by this project, the girls did a similar resist painting using oil pastels, beeswax crayons and fun glob paints.

And of course our bread had to be heart shaped...

I hope your week was filled with love...

Happy crafting on!

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