Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Pantry

This month I am following the 30 Day Vegan Workshop offered by Heather from Beauty that Moves. It has barely started and already I'm loving it! Heather has some really inspiring kitchen ideas and her recipes are amazing! Simple and delicious, the kind I know that I will want to make over and over again. This week she has invited us to share some pictures of our pantry so that others can see how we organize our kitchen space and food.

I love my pantry shelves, natural wood rubbed with beeswax.

My baking supplies: oats, flours, natural sweeteners, extracts, raisins, dried coconut, etc.

Dried beans, lentils, grains, seeds, and nuts.

I empty any packaged foods (cereal, dried pasta) into jars. It helps to keep the pantry looking tidy and keeps food fresher.

Oils and vinegars.

Herbs, teas and spices.

My Indian spice box, a gift from a friend.

I cook everything I can from scratch, I don't like to spend lots of time in stores and since we live in a remote area (there are not that many stores on our island), I like to keep a well stocked pantry. I shop once a week and order lots of our food in bulk. Buying in bulk is also more economical and a good way to reduce packaging. I keep the jars of food in our pantry filled and store the rest (bags of dried goods) in bins hidden under my pantry counter. I keep big bags of nuts in the freezer. I have never had a problem with moths.

I also have a cupboard where I keep all of our canned goods. As you can see, this time of the year it is rather empty, waiting to be filled with summer goodness.


  1. Your pantry is so beautiful, it's lovely to see all your glass jars full of goodness. The 30 day vegan course sounds wonderful, I would love to join in!

  2. I LOOOOOOVE your pantry! So beautiful! Great tip for storing the extra bags in bins. I have a couple of spots under my bar counter that aren't practical for a lot of items, but would be a perfect place for something like this.

  3. I am so envious of your pantry! Everything is so neat and orderly, just how I wish mine could be. My pantry needs some loving attention and it will be neat and orderly once 30 day vegan is done. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. oooooo, serious pantry envy! Sure wish I had that kind of room. It's beautiful too.

  5. oooooo, serious pantry envy! Sure wish I had that kind of room. It's beautiful too.

  6. Thank you all! for stopping by to visit!

  7. I love your organization and I admire you for being so organized and resourceful due to living in a remote area. A couple of years ago I visited my sister in law who lives on a penninsula on the coast of Alaska and you must travel there by boat or airplane. I was so inspired by the families who lived there and their simplicity and resourcefulness. Blessings on your journey. I homeschool my kids too. :)

    1. Hello Jamie, through blogging I have "met" several people living in remote areas of Alaska. We do seem to have many things in common. Thank you for you comment! Blessings, Sarah

  8. I loved seeing your pantry. It's beautiful. I have been trying to organize my food lately, putting it into glass jars. I aspire to something like your pantry. ; )

  9. Love your pantry. I too buy in bulk mostly and store everything in glass jars. Makes it so much easier to keep neat and see what we have on hand. The 30 Days Vegan sounds wonderful. Have fun!

  10. Hi! I am doing the 30 Day Vegan as well, and am enjoying the new recipes and ideas. Your pantry is wonderful, I love the idea of beeswax shelves. We are moving to Wyoming soon and with a bigger kitchen I am aspiring to really have a better, organized, healthier pantry. I can't wait to look around your blog, your life on an island sounds so unique!

  11. What a lovely pantry! So nice that you can 'see' everything at a glance. I'm working towards putting all my stuffs into glass containers. I do have some bpa-free plastic ones I bought for larger storage items. I like your idea of transferring cereals & pastas into glass when you get home.

    I saw you asked about an online store on Heather's website. Does your Amazon carry things?

  12. Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments! Ellen, thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, does not.

  13. Bonjour Sarah, je suis moi aussi en admiration devant ton garde-manger, rangé avec tant de soin et d'amour ! Un vrai plaisir à regarder, merci de le partager et bonne continuation dans ton atelier végé, cela a l'air passionnant !
    Je voulais te demander également si tu connaissais les monthly programs de Lisa Boisvert (Celebrate the rhythm of the home) et comment tu les trouvais (ou si tu en avais eu des échos). J'ai peu de moyens et je ne souhaite pas me disperser. Pour autant, j'aurai besoin de ce genre d'aide pour me guider l'année prochaine pour le jardin d'enfant à la maison. Tu peux me répondre en MP si tu le souhaites à l'adresse suivante :
    Merci d'avance chère Sarah, c'est toujours un plaisir de te lire, je ne commente pas ton blog à chaque fois mais je suis une fidèle lectrice. Très bonne semaine à toi et aux tiens