Thursday, 29 September 2011

Michaelmas - Michaëli

We have spent all week preparing Michaelmas.

We have been reading the story of Saint George and the Dragon.

It is the story of the Red Cross Knight, George (name that means 'Plow the Earth' and 'Fight the Good Fight'), called into service to fight the terrible dragon and save the land. It is a wonderful story of strength and courage.

We admired Raphael's St. George and the Dragon.


We drew some pictures. This one by Lolo.

We painted flying dragons using this painting story.

We made beeswax dragons to decorate our candle, to symbolize the dragon's flames, but also the light we must find to help us through the darkening days of autumn.

We made shooting stars (felted wool roving), like the shooting stars of Archangel Michael.

And we baked dragon bread.

Celebrating Michaelmas is a wonderful way to enter the fall season. I leave you with this quote from the book All Year Round:

"Michael beckons us to find the spirit to come alive through the dying year. The flashing meteor showers are said to be the sword he wields for us; each falling star is made of iron- the iron we need to strengthen the resolution of the heart. The seed-thoughts of the summer can be harvested now as deeds- to find their place in the world among people, to generate a life of their own that goes on into the future."

Happy Michaelmas!